Zenith Converter Descrambler

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 zenith cable descramblerZenith – Z16 Original Equipment
Converter/ Descrambler.

This “original” Zenith (RAN) Base-band converter/descrambler employs a super anti-flash microprocessor digital system which eliminates the possibility of annoying inverted pictures caused by the cable company signal changes. Once connected, it produces a perfectly clear and stable picture. The unit is loaded with many features like volume control, mute, favorite channel memory channel scan, direct channel access and more. The unit replaces all cable company Zenith models (except PM-1, PM-2, PZ-1, ).It replaces model numbers: ST1xxx series (ST1600 through ST1622), ST4xxx series, SSAVI series etc. (Includes free built in Bullet Protector, $25 value)

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