Satellite Descrambler Box Viewsat vspro

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Picture of Viewsat vsPro Ultra Satellite Descrambler

The New 2014 Viewsat VSPro Satellite TV Receiver Descrambler

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100% Legal For You to Own Your Own Satellite Descrambler Box !

Perfectly Legal! According To FCC Regulations It Is Legal For You to Own Your Own Satellite TV Receiver Descrambler Box! The international channels to watch your home country’s stations are 100% free and legal to watch. We could sell this unit to anyone in a local store. It can be sold by us because it comes as a satellite receiver. Some people have been know do an internet search for fta files on yahoo or google to learn the full potential of the satellite receiver descrambler boxes. Anyone who and implicates theft of service stealing or pirating satellite tv signal’s will be denied a sale.

The Viewsat vspro Version 2.0 Descrambler Box is one of the most powerful and exciting free to air receivers yet! We’ve added a faster processor (200 MHz), double the memory of the Viewsat Extreme (32 Mb SD RAM), and a USB communications port for easy data updates. Now you can use your USB flash drive to update your Viewsat vspro receiver. The new universal remote that comes with this unit is awesome. If that’s not enough, wait until you see the new colorful Graphic User Interface. The Viewsat vspro is by far one of the best free to air receivers the market has ever seen, second only to the Sonicview 4000. Complete with S-video, Component Outputs, Universal Remote, True Hardware Blind Scan, the Viewsat Ultra is a powerful unit for any FTA enthusiast. The Viewsat 2000 Ultra is a very high quality receiver completely designed, engineered, and manufactured in Korea.The Viewsat Ultra outperforms the Viewsat Extreme, Viewsat Platinum and Viewsat Lite

– Fully MPEG-2 & DVB Compliant
– Input Frequency 950-2150MHz
– 200 MHz Connexant Processor
– 32 Mb SD RAM
– Supports 7 Day EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
– Supports PIG (Picture in Graphic)
– Supports SCPC & MCPC from C / Ku-band
– 1 LNB Input Tuner with Loop Through IF Signal
– Tuner Symbol Rate: 1-45MS/s
– New Universal Remote Control
– Card Reader (X Crypt Conditional Access System)
– Fast Booting & Auto Scan
– Hardware Driven Blindscan
– 4000 Channel Programmable (TV & Radio
– Fast Channel Changing
– User Friendly 256 Colors OSD & Easy GUI
– Multi OSD Language supported
– Radio Channel Screen Saver
– Favorite Channel List Programmable
– Master PIN Code Function & Parental Lock Function
– 100 Step Volume Control
– Automatic Detection of Forward Error Correction
– USB Host Interface (Only for USB Memory Stick)
– S/W Upgrade Supported by USB Port
– Window Based S/W Download Program Supported by RS232 Serial Port
– Set to Set Download (Main Program, Channel Data)
– 4:3, 16:9 Letter Box & Teletext using OSD
– 7 Segment-4 Digit Display
– 5 Keys on Front Panel
– (Power On/Off, Channel Up/Down, Volume Up/Down)
– Various LNB Polarity Control
– 22 KHz Switching Control
– Optical Output for Digital Audio
– S-VIDEO Output
– 3 RCA outputs (2 Audio L/R and 1 Video)
– 3 RCA Video Component Outputs (RGB
– RF-Modulator Output
– Rear Power Switch

Viewsat products: Viewsat 9000HD, Viewsat PVR 7000, Viewsat VS Pro, Viewsat Ultra, Viewsat Extreme, Viewsat Platinum and Viewsat Lite

FREE Data Cable, Batteries, RCA Video Cables, Diseqc Switch, and FTA Forum Support with every receiver order!

What Channels Can I Get On My Descrambler Box with my Viewsat vspro?

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What Dish Should I Use On My Satellite Descrambler Box Viewsat vspro?

There are many different dishes that you can use. Some are better for different satellite locations. There are many people who purchase multiple satellite dishes. For those of you interested in viewing FTA channels, a 30″ dish equipped with a singular linear LNB is required. For those of you interested in viewing pay/premium channels, a 22″ dish equipped with dual circular LNB’s is required.

Read These Facts Carefully:

This is a FTA Free To Air Satellite Receiver. It is exactly what it says “FREE TO AIR”. This means that there are many channels out there which you could get for free and it is 100% legal. You could sell these door to door and you wouldn’t be breaking any laws. My next door neighbor is a cop and I sold one to him last week in front of his partner. His partner wants one now also :). Note that it is up to them to download the 3rd party software and that’s why it’s legal to buy and sell. The manufacturer software that it comes with will work for the international channels that are free to air channels.

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