The New 2014 Sonicview 4000 PVR Satellite Receiver Descrambler

Sonicview 4000 PVR

The new Sonicview 4000 PVR has arrived. It is the FTA market’s most inexpensive and power packed Sonicview PVR receiver. It is yet another win for Sonicview 4000 as they continue to deliver high quality and feature rich products for your FTA viewing pleasure. This unit employs two USB 2.0 ports, one in the front, and one in the back. Record your favorite movies by attaching an external hard drive to either of the two USB ports. The price of this PVR unit is amazing, its less than you’d pay for many other standard definition receivers that don’t even have PVR functionality. The powerful 333mhz processor will have your unit operating fast and efficiently. The 512MB of internal SDRAM memory will improve the longevity and accuracy of the electronic programming guide. This unit has definitely redefined what a single tuner PVR FTA receiver should behave like. And all at one low and affordable price. You can’t beat that.

We have come up with an all new Digital Satellite TV solution. You can also get international channels from any country. Oh here’s the great thing you will pay “$0” fees, that’s right (zero dollars) per month. No cable fee’s what so ever. No basic fee’s, no extended basic fee’s and no hidden fee’s whatsoever! Image how much you can save with this. You will get more channels then Digital Cable could ever offer. And much more.

100% Perfectly Legal For You to Own it!

Perfectly Legal! According To FCC Regulations It Is Perfectly Legal For You to Own Your Own Satellite TV Receiver! The international channels to watch your home country’s stations are 100% free and legal to watch. We could sell this unit to anyone in a local store. It can be sold by us because it comes as a satellite receiver. Some people have been know do an internet search for on yahoo or google to learn the full potential of the satellite receiver. Anyone who call’s us and implicates theft of service stealing or pirating satellite tv signal’s will be denied a sale.

Buy direct from manufacture and save big money!

-Fully MPEG-2 & DVB-S Supported
-Blind Scan Supported
-2 USB 2.0 Ports for External HDD and USB Memory Stick
-S/PDIF for Digital Audio / Dolby AC-3 Bitstream Output
-RCA and Components Outputs : Y, Pb, Pr
-S-Video Output
-USAL Supported
-16 Bit (65,536) Colors & User Friendly GUI for Easy Control
-Fast Booting and Scan Speed
-Signal & Multi-Satellite Auto Scan
-Manual Scan Supported
-High Speed Channel Changing Time
-6,000 Channel Memory Capacity for TV and Radio Programs
-8 Programmable Favorite Channel List Groups
-Channel Sorting by FTA, CAS, Satellite, Alphabetical and Network
-Picture in Graphic Available
-Software Downloading with Serial Port and or USB 2.0 Port
-Zoom In / Out function for TV
-Various Aspect Ratio with 4:3, Letter Box, Full Screen & 16:9
-Background Graphic Display for Radio Program Channels
-Parental Lock Function Using Master PIN Code
-20 Step Volume Control
-Useful Remote Key Functions for Channel Find, Edit and Signal Strength Display
-Record & Playback Using External HDD
-Time Shifting Supported Using External HDD
-Powerful Trick Mode Supported Using External HDD
-Music and Photo File Supported

Sonicview products:  Sonicview 360 HD, Sonicview 8000 HD PVR, Sonicview 360 Premier, Sonicview 360 Elite, and Sonicview 4000

FREE Data Cable, Batteries, RCA Video Cables, Diseqc Switch, and FTA Forum Support with every receiver order!

What Channels Can I Get?

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All Satellites are listed on that have channels in DVB format.
Some channels listed are FTA (Free-To-Air) and some are encrypted (Pay/Premium Channels).
The Sonicview 360 Elite is preprogrammed with the manufacturer’s software which enables it to view all Free To Air receptions in the atmosphere. For information on how to upgrade your unit to view the Pay/Premium channels, please visit a free FTA Forum site and click on the Sonicview section. FTA setup information is there as well. Register for a free account there and review the information already posted. If you have questions that haven’t already been answered then start a new thread. There is even a live chat feature for even quicker assistance. They should be able to help you out there. We are in no way affiliated with the aforementioned website. Please do your home work before ordering.

What Dish Should I Use?

There are many different dishes that you can use. Some are better for different satellite locations. There are many people who purchase multiple satellite dishes. For those of you interested in viewing FTA channels, a 30″ dish equipped with a singular linear LNB is required. For those of you interested in viewing pay/premium channels, a 22″ dish equipped with dual circular LNB’s is required.

100% Perfectly Legal For You to Own it!

Perfectly Legal! According To FCC Regulations It Is Perfectly Legal For You to Own Your Own Satellite TV Receiver! The international channels to watch your home country’s stations are 100% free and legal to watch. We could sell this unit to anyone in a local store. Anyone who call’s us or email’s and implicates theft of service or stealing or pirating satellite signal’s will be denied a sale..

Read These Facts Carefully:

This is a FTA Free To Air Satellite Receiver. It is exactly what it says “FREE TO AIR”. This means that there are many channels out there which you could get for free and it is 100% legal. You could sell these door to door and you wouldn’t be braking any laws. My next door neighbor is a cop and I sold one to him last week in front of his partner. His partner wants one now also :). Note that it is up to them to download the 3rd party software and that’s why it’s legal to buy and sell. The manufacturer software that it comes with will work for the international channels that are free to air channels.

Can the Satellite Company tell I’m using a cable box?

NO. The Satellite company is not able to detect what Satellite Receiver you are using. It is 100% non detectable, 100% non addressable, 100% bullet proof and with zero monthly fee’s. These channels are coming from the sky where the main satellite dish’s are. They come down to every house in the world and the satellite company can only tell who is getting the channels if you have service with them and are using their receivers. You will not have any contracts with anyone and you will be using your own private satellite receiver.

Safe – Secure Online Ordering.

We guarantee that our e-commerce store is safe, secure, fast and reliable. Of course we accept all major credit cards including: American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover or COD.

You will need a Dish setup.

There are a lot of people who may already have a dish set up on the roof from prier service. However if you don’t have one I would strongly suggest that you purchase the dish from us and call a professional installer. There are hundreds of dish installers in your area guaranteed and it will cost from $100 to $200 depending on how many rooms you want them to wire. If the rooms are already wired great. It should be cheaper. For those of you who are the do it yourself type and love to save the extra money, we can give you a step by step guide and how to instructions.

Just Imagine…

Days from now you, and your family will be enjoying your favorite movies, sports, and other channels right from the comfort of your home!

Now Listen Closely…

We normally sell these universal Digital Satellite TV Descrambler for $449.00, but if you act now you can get one for the low price of $125.00!

It Does Not Cost Money – IT SAVES MONEY!

Stop renting from your cable company! It is now perfectly legal for you to own your own Satellite Unit, and save money!

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