FTA Satellite TV Box

Is FTA Satellite TV Descrambler Boxs For Everyone!

Free-to-air means exactly what it says, it is a way of receiving a signal whether for television or for radio so, as long as you have the necessary equipment to receive a TV or radio signal, you will receive this for free. For FTA satellite TV, you do not need a license, neither do you have to pay a subscription for the service it provides and there is no one off payment. All that is required is the necessary equipment installed to receive a signal via an aerial.

You can get exclusive connections to hundreds and more channels. With one simple click you are able view a variety of programs from Children entertainment, discovery networks, Movies channels to name but a few which are on offer. And to make it even more attractive, it is for free.

It takes around 5 minutes to set up your FTA receiver and when you are connected you are guaranteed to be able to view whatever program you desire from the comfort of your own couch. The instructions for programming your receiver are as simple as reading the understanding computers for dummies books.
FTA offers so much choice of television viewing that nobody in the house would ever be able to complain about not having anything to watch on the box again. And the cost for this pleasure is absolutely nothing!

Today, there are FTA satellite descrambler receivers on the market to suit everyone pocket or performance requirements. Some receivers can even update themselves, just like computers, others called PVR receivers record one program while you view another one. There are even high definition FTA satellite box descrambler receivers that will permit you to view free HD television and it is gratis, with nothing to pay.

With our range of FTA satellite descramblers receivers we can fill all budgets or preferences so if you are contemplating changing over to Free-To-Air satellite TV, we are the people you need to talk to today.

On having a receiver installed in your home, it will be necessary for you to download certain files into the receiver to get the service up and running, these files will enable you to view and enjoy the full benefits of FTA satellite TV.

We can guarantee all the support you may need and within our package there are set up FTA file installation guides together with all the necessary backup that you would need. We also provide a 24/7 support should you require any assistance during the installation process.

You can rest assured our FTA files are safe to install, so there is absolutely no need for you to be concerned about any set up mistakes you may inadvertently make which may harm your FTA satellite descrambler receiver, giving you peace of mind even if you are a first time user. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a step by step guide which is easy to follow and we are always around to guide help anyone who encounters a problem. Remember help is here 24/7. We also offer full support for all updates when they become available for our receivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What FTA Satellite descrambler Receiver should I get now?
I have a Viewsat VSPro and and a Viewsat Platinum Lite, but obviously Viewsat is pretty much dead. What FTA Satellite receiver would be best to replace it?

Sonicview is good.

Difference between FTA satellite box receiver and standard definition set top box?

I’ve always had a standard definition set top box which is connected up to my cable TV. However, recently, I heard about free to air (FTA) satellite receivers (I know, not very up to date!).

Could someone please explain to me the difference between them and what exactly a FTA satellite box receiver does?

Is a blind scan (FTA receiver) merely searching for channels similar to picking up of different channels when you first set up the standard definition STB?

I’m really confused! Fingers crossed someone can help!

A FTA satellite descrambler receiver is used to receive non-encrypted TV programming from satellites that orbit above the equator.

It’s similar to Dish & Direct TV except you own the equipment and the type of channels that you can get are mostly foreign language, PBS, religious, and stuff like that. You would need a dish (typically 40″ dia) and a LNA in addition to a FTA receiver.

Many satellite programs are not publicly scheduled; a blind search scans what signals a satellite is transmitting to find the ones that are not encrypted.

Companies like Dish & Direct TV encrypt their programming so you have to pay for their service. However, there are other broadcasters who don’t care if you watch their programs for free or want you to watch their programs. If you were PBS or a church group, why would you want to encrypt your satellite feed?

Whats the whole deal with FTA satellite descrambler tv?
I’ve been curious about fta satellite. 1. I have direct tv what all would I need? 2. What channels do I get? 3. Whats codes about(downloading?)?4.Whats the cheapest route to go but still good?

Direct tv dishes don’t work with FTA Free to Air Systems. Dish Network does.

First you need to pick your Equipment here:

Then you need to Find a local Satellite Installer here:

As for the codes “firmware” updates, you have to do some research on the internet. Most websites charge monthly for access to their codes, and you will have to update frequently.

How does FTA satellite box TV work?
Hi… If I live in Europe, will i be able to receive fta tv from every satellite in the world or only those that cover europe?

You will receive FTA from only those satellites that have coverage for Europe .

It is also important to have a good view of the southern sky away from trees or buildings that may block your view.

How does FTA Satellite box work? Is it too difficult?
I am shopping for a new satellite TV solution and don’t want to go through Direct TV or Dish Network. There are several FTA ‘dealers’ that have offered me their services.

Does this FTA (Free to Satellite) actually work? What are your experiences with it and is that going to become a big daily task to keep updating the satellite?

it works ok over here in england, although my box has stopped working after 5 years!! it needs another reboot.

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