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We have been in business for a long time, selling top quality cable descrambler box TV products & Satellite FTA Receivers and Accessories.

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This means that they will offer original equipment replacements Jerrold, Scientific Atlanta, Zenith. We have been around, and we know what works, and what doesn’t!  We only sell those items that we know work so be careful when you choose your cable descrambler box or FTA receiver.  If a company carries no original cable descrambler box equipment, for example, they are selling the universal unit’s only for every different brand of converter, Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
There are many fly-by-night companies out there. They only carry 2 or 3 different items. They sell a lot of low-quality merchandise for a slightly lower price, and then vanish.  It is sad to see this happen when your purchasing a cable descrambler box or FTA Satellite Receiver.

We have many people that call us daily wanting us to help them with something that they bought from one of these companies and we simply can not tell you more please do your home work. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! If they don’t offer a complete line of replacement equipment chances are they won’t be around when you need them and that’s usually the case.

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Cable Boxs and Fta ReceiversCable Boxs and Fta Receivers

FTA Satellite Receiver Information.

cable descrambler box & satellite TV information below

Scientific Atlanta– cable descrambler box replacements for all Scientific Atlanta cable box converters.

General Instruments– Jerrold cable descrambler box and descrambler box replacements for all Jerrold cable converters.

Jerrold Systems– Jerrold cable descrambler box and cable replacements for all Jerrold cable converters.

Pioneer Systems– Pioneer cable descrambler box replacements for all Pioneer cable box converters.

Zenith Systems– Zenith cable descrambler box replacements for all Zenith cable box converters.

Tocom Systems– Tocom cable descrambler box replacements for all Tocom cable box converters.

Were here for all your cable descrambler box needs & FTA satellite receivers, Cable Converters & Cable Boxs.

Cable Box Terms: Basic Cable, Premium Cable, Pay Per View Services ?

Basic Cable TV Box Service The least expensive cable box service provided by cable TV companies to their customers. This service usually includes Local cable TV channels which can be received directly from the broadcast cable signal of the TV stations.

Premium Cable TV Service Additional programming service provided by the cable company to subscribing customers. The extra fee for such additional service may be based on a per channel, per group of channels, or on any other combination of channels.

Pay Per View Selected channels that offer movies and special events such as sports or adult entertainment, for an additional fee, on a per movie or per program basis. A special converter is furnished by the company to subscribers of this service. Through the use of special equipment, the cable company can address the customer’s cable converter to the program for which the fee was paid.

Can your converter work anywhere ?

No they are specific to each system. Different cable companies use different cable systems, characterized by the manufacturer’s brand name and model number. You must use a compatible box that works in your area but may not work in a different area.

What do you do if your Converter doesn’t work ?

Call your  cable source. Let them know that there are problems. Most companies want to correct any problems you are having. If you are working with a customer oriented company, they will work diligently to remedy your problem. Don’t just let it go. They will want a satisfied customer who will refer them additional business. The company may not have a quick answer for about 10% of the problems out there. Be patient and work with your cable company until you find the right converter box for your area. Sometimes technology changes for your area and the source may need to do some additional research to get the desired image. Do this before the warranty has run out.

How can you improve the quality of your Converter Cable Descrambler reception?

Amplification may be needed to correct the problem. Whenever a cable signal is split between two or more TVs or routed to some other video components such as VCR’s, the signal weakens and produces a poor quality picture. The weak signal may cause a “snowy” or gray picture, or may even result in weak color or lack of color.

Since most cable viewers use several different video components, it is recommended that an amplifier be used to restore the signal strength and the picture sharpness. In most cases, the amplifier brings the picture “back to life” and restores its original quality. Consider using a 10db Amplifier to improve signal strength.

What happens when there isn’t a replacement for your cable company box ?

Most Cable sources will carry the common brands such as Jerrold GI, Pioneer, Scientific Atlanta, Tocom and Zenith. When your company doesn’t carry your brand then you need to find out if they either have in stock or have a source for your uncommon make and model. Usually the source has another outlet or may need to do research on your request.

What are “bullets” and can the cable company destroy my cable box ?

Bullets are nothing more than transmitted signal which effects the cable box program. It does not fry the guts of the equipment but rather may shut the box off temporarily, reprogram the box, or shut the box down in an error mode till service can rectify the problem. A non-addressable box with the appropriate filters will manage this process effectively. This is what is meant by a “bullet-proof” cable box.

How do you determine the replacement for your cable box ?

1. Get the brand name & the model number of the converter unit that was supplied to you by your company. The brand name is located on the front of the box. The model number is located on the bottom of the box.

2.Look at the company’s list of cable box products and their corresponding replacement descriptions your equipment model number in their catalog. From this you can determine what you will need or consult in conjunction with your source for the right replacement.

What is Base-band ?

Base-band signal is where audio and video scrambling is used in conjunction with coaxial (fiber optic) cable. The cable company de-synchronizes the pulse system thus moving the video audio signal to a neutral channel usually FM. The picture rolls and displays a wiggly white line running down the left, right or both sides of the screen. This out band type usually places the missing sinc. The unit restores the pulse synchronization making it possible for vertical and horizontal video and audio signal to stabilize.

How can you determine if you are dealing with a professional company?

First , of course, trust your own judgment. A company you can trust will be one that has at least a 30 day Guaranty and a 90 day warranty on their products. Offers a variety of equipment for most areas of the country and some areas of the world. The company will have the capability of delivering your equipment 2 day air, 4 day ground, International, or other if agreed upon. Staff are capable of answering most technical questions. This is a short list.

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